Olive oil and hemp
extract unite...

Hemp oil CBD oil

to amp up your kitchen
and your well-being.

A synergy of California
quality olive oil

and some of the
finest Colorado-grown
hemp flower.

Hemp oil CBD oil Olive oil

Elevate your food
with healthy hemp oil

Well-being starts in your kitchen.

That’s why Due Santi has paired the natural mending properties of olive oil and hemp extracts to create a synergy like no other. Rather than consume hemp oil in a traditional recreational fashion, Due Santi brings you non-psychoactive extracts and hemp oils that you can use for daily cooking.

Due Santi’s two simple ingredients are cultivated by farmers who care.

  • Our Colorado-grown flower is derived from the most consistently highest rated growers in the nation. That hemp flower is then turned into CBD oil in our own processing center.
  • Our olive oil is produced in California and is made from the finest groves the Golden State has to offer.

Due Santi’s hemp infused olive oil can be your daily staple for improved health and vitality.

Did you know that olive oil is the cornerstone of the healthy Mediterranean diet? That’s because it’s naturally full of fatty acids and antioxidants which have been shown to ward off depression, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, and may even protect against breast cancer, prevent strokes, and reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Combining this powerful substance with Hemp oil, you and your family can enjoy the added benefits of pain relief, improved sleep, and better digestion.

Introducing new flavors

for the cooking enthusiast

lemon hemp oil
basil hemp oil
garlic CBD Oil
italian herb CBD Oil
jalapeno CBD Oil

Hemp oils to help invigorate your kitchen and your body.